Calming Pose

Calming Pose (2).JPG

Veronika has been a remarkably mellow baby; she’ll give little cries for milk when hunger strikes, and she isn’t a huge fan of car rides, but other than that, she’s usually quiet as a mouse!

So I haven’t had much need yet to calm down a very fussy baby, but I do sometimes notice that all the noise and bustle in the apartment makes her a touch overwhelmed. This calming pose is the perfect time-out – for baby and busy parent both!

Lie your baby down on a soft surface – we have a great, thick playmat that’s perfect, but a nice soft blanket or bathmat would work too.

Place your forearms and palms on the ground on either side of baby’s head and kneel in close so your faces are near each other.

Calming Pose (3)

Sing softly, taking time to slow down each out breath as you do so. Not only will it calm you down – and you’ll feel a great stretch through your spine! – but it should help baby feel calmer too.

Calming Pose (1)

Veronika certainly looked zen. If you don’t have time to do the full pose, just take a moment for calm out breaths, as you hum or sing. This can be during chores or a diaper change. Even that little bit goes a long way in calming your baby’s heart rate.

Photo credit in this post goes to my four year old!


Pinwheel Watch

Pinwheel (1)

Today’s activity with Veronika was simple but beautiful – just the right level of activity in a busy household preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday!

But we stole a quiet moment while the morning sunshine was particularly strong on our back patio, bundled up and headed outside to watch… the pinwheel.

Pinwheel (2)

Pinwheels are a great option for newborn eyes: bright, contrasting colors, plus movement that will catch their vision.

Simply sit and look if it’s windy enough for the pinwheel to spin on its own. Older siblings can give a helpful spin to get things started, otherwise!

Pinwheel (3)

Either way, Veronika was transfixed.

Pinwheel (4)

Bathrobe Toys

Baby Watch Robe (2)

Ribbons and shoelaces and… bathrobes, oh my!

My latest creation for Veronika, to enable her to watch interesting toys, uses just the belt of a bathrobe. Tie the belt securely over the bars of the bassinet or the crib at about where your baby’s chest will be when he or she is lying down.

Baby Watch Robe (1)

I used clothespins from the craft bin to attach a few soft toys to the belt.

Baby Watch Robe (3)

Veronika could then look at these – and swat for them – while lying down quietly in the bassinet.

Baby Watch Robe (5)

I think she appreciated the new view! This was a great way to keep her occupied while making dinner.

Baby Watch Robe (4)