Swat the Toy

Baby Watch b (2).JPG

Much like the activity for watching ribbons, this game is a great way to engage your newborn’s eyesight, as well as encourage gross motor activity. Of course don’t be disappointed if your child can’t really reach for the toy yet, much less grasp it – he or she won’t have great control over those arm muscles until about 2 or 3 months old. But this might encourage them to try!

Choose a soft small toy to dangle from a ribbon – a round lion rattle was perfect for the job.

Baby Watch b (1)

I swung the toy gently over Veronika as she lay on a playmat, hoping this would encourage her to follow the toy with her eyes or even her head.

Baby Watch b (4)

Up went the little arms when the toy swung close to her!

Baby Watch b (3)

Big brother Travis loved being the one to swing the toy, too, although I had to remind him to swing it slowly and not make her dizzy. All in all, a simple and engaging activity.


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