Tracking Game


We’ve played a lot with Veronika to train her eyesight… Now today’s game engaged both the eyes and the ears.

Holding your baby close, lock eyes, then move your face, speaking first on one side of their head and then the other, with the goal that they will turn towards you as you speak. They may not get it right away, but it will definitely encourage hearing on both sides, as well as visual tracking and the social concept of turning towards a speaker.

This was hard to photograph, so after holding her in my arms, we played with Veronika in her bouncy seat, too. Where is that voice coming from?

Tracking Game (1)

Over this way?

Tracking Game (2)

As babies get older, you could also try playing while baby lies flat on a playmat. Encourage older siblings to talk to the baby, and see if the head will turn. Veronika really responds to Travis’s voice (no doubt from hearing his loud games for 9 months!) so she might turn towards him more readily than towards me!

Update: We did this game again at 6 weeks of age, but this time we stood in various places around the room. This is a great way to help baby coordinate his or her hearing and eyesight.

Sound Idea (1).JPG

Travis loved testing her. “Can she find me now?” he asked, moving all about the room. Good fun for both siblings!

Sound Idea (2)


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