Draw a Simple Face

Simple Face (1)

Here’s a cute riff on the black and white pictures that I’ve been showing Veronika from books – draw your own smiley face in sharp black and white contrast!

Babies love faces, and respond so automatically to human images at this age. All you need is a piece of white paper and a black marker – don’t worry, your newborn won’t critique your art skills! I drew Veronika these silly faces with hair and big smiles.

As well as a more simple smiley face.

SImple Face (3)

I also added a checkerboard pattern, bulls-eye, and diagonal lines to pieces of white paper.

Simple Face (4)

These paper drawings had an advantage over books since I could tape them around her bassinet and leave them thus without worrying about a book toppling and bumping her on the head!

Simple Face (2)

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