Leopard in the Tree

Leopard Tree (1)

Years ago, I remember watching a friend carry his infant in what seemed a precarious position, tucked upon one arm, and thinking I’d never be comfortable enough with a newborn to replicate the move. But turns out Veronika really enjoys this little variation on being carried, and chances are as a parent you’ll have fun switching up your baby’s view!

Lie your baby on their tummy/side on your arm, with their head cradled protectively in your hand.

You can see why the position is likened to a leopard on a tree branch!

Leopard Tree (2)

It’s a fun way to walk around the house and give your newborn a waist-high view.

Because the position puts some pressure on the tummy, it’s also good for when Veronika is feeling some discomfort after nursing. So give it a try! Take a walk around the house like this as today’s activity, and you’ll both feel like you’ve tried something novel.

What’s your favorite way to carry your baby? Please share in the comments!

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