Bathrobe Toys

Baby Watch Robe (2)

Ribbons and shoelaces and… bathrobes, oh my!

My latest creation for Veronika, to enable her to watch interesting toys, uses just the belt of a bathrobe. Tie the belt securely over the bars of the bassinet or the crib at about where your baby’s chest will be when he or she is lying down.

Baby Watch Robe (1)

I used clothespins from the craft bin to attach a few soft toys to the belt.

Baby Watch Robe (3)

Veronika could then look at these – and swat for them – while lying down quietly in the bassinet.

Baby Watch Robe (5)

I think she appreciated the new view! This was a great way to keep her occupied while making dinner.

Baby Watch Robe (4)



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