Turkey Tacos

Turkey Taco (3)

This adorable dinner recipe from Ranger Rick Jr. is great to make with kids in the run-up to Thanksgiving. Travis was absolutely delighted with his feathered friend. Adults will have to do some chopping ahead of time, and then kids can take it from there to assemble.

To start, pick your favorite taco filling, and add to hard shell tacos.

Turkey Taco (1)

Add cut bell pepper pieces in a fan shape around the taco shell for the feathers.

Turkey Taco (2)

Place a slice of turkey-head-shaped vegan American cheese (such as Tofutti) on top of the taco shell. Add 1 triangle of orange bell pepper for the beak and 1 strip of red bell pepper for the wattle.

Turkey Taco (4)

Two black olive dots completed the face!



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