Reindeer Bell Necklace

Reindeer Necklace (5)

This adorable necklace is just right for rockin’ out to your famiiy’s favorite holiday tunes. May I suggest ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and ‘Run, Run Rudolph’, in particular?

Ideally, I would have used larger jingle bells as the body of the reindeer, but the craft store was clean out of just about every Christmas supply! We found sparkly, medium-sized silver bells instead, which were intriguing to Travis, if not perfect for the craft.

Reindeer Necklace (1)

To make the antlers, cut a pipe cleaner in half and thread one half through the bell. Twist to secure.

Reindeer Necklace (2)

Cut the other half in two again (so now you have quarters) and wrap a quarter around each branch of the other pipe cleaner, to form antlers. Travis needed a bit of help with this step.

Reindeer Necklace (3)

We glued two eyes and a red pom pom nose onto each bell, and set them aside to dry.

Reindeer Necklace (4)

Once the glue dried, it was time to shake our jingle bells! I tied a string to each reindeer to form a necklace, and we could rock out.

Reindeer Necklace (6)

Jingle bells, Jingle bells!

Reindeer Necklace alt