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If you’re a new parent, chances are you sometimes feel like you’re the only one dealing with that particular problem – whatever your baby’s current issue is! Fussiness at night, big siblings who suffer from jealousy, spit up, colic, allergies. You name it! It can be such a relief to have other parents as a sounding board, and to learn you’re not alone. These are the people who get it.

If you are new to being a parent, and don’t have a network yet, check out your local library – many have new mom groups just for this reason: venting sessions, and a chance to share tips!

I tapped into the network from Travis’s school, eagerly seeking advice of veteran moms of two (or more!). It’s great to take a moment just for coffee together while the big siblings are in school.

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That left the moms free to gab. I love finding moments of solidarity (her husband sleeps through all kid interruptions at night, too!) and also being the one to offer tips sometimes (time management, craft ideas).

So today’s activity is to take some time with your own pack of parents. Find a stroller-friendly restaurant or coffee chop, and get talking! Chances are you’ll find more similarities than differences, plus enjoy the adult socializing after a morning of cooing at a newborn.

Also P.S. None of us are having a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s the older 4-year-old having nightmares, the middle child needing milk, or the newborn baby (Veronika) nursing at 3 in the morning, we’re all popping up and down. Somewhere out there in the night, another mom or dad is up! #solidarity


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