Scarf Play

Scarf Play (1)

Here’s a variation on dangling toys for a winter baby – turn the tassels of your warm scarf into the latest fascinating object to watch!

First, I simply dangled my scarf, and let Veronika look at the tassels.

Scarf Play (4)

Seeing her wide-eyed excitement, I next held the tassels closer to her fingers. Sure enough, she clasped her fingers around them once in reach.

Scarf Play (2)

I then held the tassels very still within arms-length, to see if she would reach out. Yes indeed!

Scarf Play (3)

She also seemed to enjoy it when I made the tassels “jump” down to her belly and back up again.

Scarf Play (5)

What an easy and delightful game! It was just right for a few moments of one-on-one play, and perfect for the season.


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