Super Spaceship

Make a Rocket (3)

Zoom zoom zoom, we’re going to the moon.

This little ditty about rocketships is one of Veronika’s favorites, so today we crafted a rocket for her to zoom around as we say the words, thanks to this cute craft spotted in her High Five magazine.

To start, cover an empty paper towel tube with construction paper. We taped on blue paper that was decorated with black marker windows. You can tell from the perfect circles that there was some mommy help involved, but your toddler can also scribble or add stickers or decorate any which way!

Make a Rocket (1)

Next, I cut two right triangles and a circle from orange construction paper. Veronika loved naming each shape for me!

Make a Rocket (2)

Fold the triangles along one edge slightly and tape to the bottom of the rocket as the fins. Cut a wedge from the circle, then wrap around itself to form a cone and tape shut; tape to the top of the tube.

For flames, I layered orange and yellow tissue paper, then twisted at the top and snipped into fringe at the bottom. Insert in the bottom of the rocket and secure with tape.

Make a Rocket (4)

Blast off!


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