Shampoo Science Lab

Shampoo Science Lab (7)

When your bottle of baby shampoo is near the end, never fear: you have the perfect amount left to make a mad scientist lab!

To set up a mini “laboratory” for Veronika today, I first poured the remaining shampoo into a glass measuring cup, then added other tools and ingredients. Think: beakers, measuring cups, whisks, and basters, along with other ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar, and water.

Shampoo Science Lab (1)

Now it was simply time to mix and match! I demonstrated for Veronika to start ,adding some baking soda and some vinegar to the cup with the shampoo for a fizzy reaction worthy of a witch’s cauldron. But then it was up to her!

Shampoo Science Lab (3)

She loved pouring water into all the various cups and containers, especially once we tinted it green and yellow with food coloring.

Shampoo Science Lab (4)

The baster was a big hit for sucking up one potion and transferring it from container to container. Incidentally this is great for fine motor skills, too.

Shampoo Science Lab (6)

Even once we neared the end of play, and I began rinsing out the cups and spoons, she loved getting her hands soapy and tracing the leftover baking soda in the bottom of the tray.

Shampoo Science Lab (8)

What’s your little scientists favorite concoction? Please share in the comments!

Shampoo Science Lab (5)


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