Water Rhythms

Water Rhythyms (6)

It was 95 degrees today, which meant time to break out the baby pool and the hose! Since toddlers love to help with “chores”, I first enlisted Veronika to help hold the hose as we filled the pool with a shallow layer of water (about ankle deep).

Water Rhythyms (1)

Once she climbed in, she didn’t want to stop holding the hose! So we came up with this quick solution: I laid down a few old metal pots and pans (including cake pans and loaf pans) on the sidewalk, and let her take aim.

Water Rhythyms (2)

Each pan made a slightly different sound, and in turn the sounds would vary depending whether we had the pan upright or upside down.

Water Rhythyms (4)

She liked to listen to the trickle of water if we had them upright and filled each with a little pool.

Water Rhythyms (5)

One pan in particular made a great “plink plink” sound, which she returned to again and again with satisfaction.

A little musical play while simultaneously cooling off made this activity a big winner!

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