Scrunchy Sock

Scrunchy Sock (7).JPG

This easy DIY toy will delight your baby both in sound and looks!

To start, you’ll simply need to use any old sock. I actually used a pair of girl’s tights, which meant I could have a longer snake… and could also make two, one for big brother, since he eagerly needed one after seeing the project.

Scrunchy Sock (1)

Fill each sock with crumpled cellophane, and securely knot at the end. The sound of the cellophane seemed to alarm Veronika somewhat…

Scrunchy Sock (2)

But already she loved it!

Scrunchy Sock (4)

To make it a snake, I cut out details from felt: a red tongue, white and black eyes, and yellow triangles along the back.

Scrunchy Sock (3)

Hot glue on the pieces securely before baby plays.

Scrunchy Sock (5)

Now our snake was ready to slither and scrunch!

Scrunchy Sock (6)



Sock Play

sock play (1)

At about this age (10 weeks old or so), babies start to discover their… feet! One way to direct attention to those adorable little tootsies is to put on a pair of brightly-colored socks, and help your little one find his or her feet.

I bent Veronika’s legs up, and happily crowed, “Pink socks!” She instantly was fascinated.

sock play (2)

Babies love to reach for their toes, hence why they are so prone to pulling the socks right off and losing them! This time, I wanted her to do so. I loosened the sock slightly, and then it was just a matter of time before Veronika had a grip and… a bare foot!

sock play (3)

Who knew socks made such great toys?

sock play (4)