National Sock Day

National Sock Day (2)

December 4 is National Sock Day, celebrating the glory that is a pair of matching socks. Today was not about lost socks from the dryer, or old socks turned into crafts, but all about a lasting matched pair.

We love celebrating silly holidays like this, so of course I treated everyone to a new pair today! I got Christmas bows, Veronika got little elephants, and Travis received Darth Vader.

National Sock Day (1)

The kids immediately wanted to race around the house in their slippery new socks.

National Sock Day (3)

Just in time, Travis’s Highlights magazine had a sock-matching puzzle to find 8 matching pairs. In a pinch, you can have fun with the real thing; do a load of laundry and have your happy helpers match up all the socks!

National Sock Day (4)

Then finish your celebration by dining on a famous pair: Peas and carrots? Peanut butter and jelly? Here’s to perfect pairs!


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