Painting with Baby Food

Painting with Baby Food (4)

We had a few leftover jars of early-stage baby food (i.e. smooth purees) that Veronika will never eat at this point. So we decided to paint with them instead!

I laid down a long piece of butcher paper and poured two colors (er, flavors) of baby food onto paper plates. We had yellow/peach paint and purple paint.

Painting with Baby Food (3)

At first I thought we would use this like finger paint, but Veronika was already playing with her toy cars this morning and it turned into car painting, instead! I showed her how to drive a car through a plate, and then along the paper.

She didn’t waste any time, and soon was happily vrooming. I loved that she talked about colors while she played, too. “Red car makes yellow tracks! Blue car makes purple tracks!”

Painting with Baby Food (2)

Your child might want to get in there with fingers instead of cars, which of course is perfectly fine since this is an edible paint. And there’s a high probability that the paint might turn into snack time, too!

Painting with Baby Food (5)

After she was done driving the cars around, Veronika decided they needed a car wash. I set down a tray filled with a little sudsy water and she spent arguably just as long driving the cars through the wash as she had painting with them. All in all it was a nice activity for our morning.

Painting with Baby Food (7)


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