Shaving Cream Car Wash

Shaving Cream Car Wash (5)

Veronika loves a song about going to the car wash, so I knew she would enjoy making the concept come to life with her favorite toy cars!

Shaving cream does double-duty in this game. It can either be the snow and muck getting cars dirty, or the soapy suds washing them off, depending how your toddler wants to play!

Shaving Cream Car Wash (1)

I squirted a generous amount of shaving cream onto a tray, and showed her how to drive her cars through.

Shaving Cream Car Wash (2)

The shaving cream is so fun to scoop up with any construction vehicles your child has. It’s also great for making tracks.

Shaving Cream Car Wash (3)

But Veronika preferred the second step of our “car wash”, which was transferring the cars over to a bucket of warm clean water. Now, the shaving cream dissolved into suds and the water was soon thick and soapy.

Shaving Cream Car Wash (6)

“The car’s in the muck!” she said with delight. She loved swimming the cars through this bin for quite a long time.

Shaving Cream Car Wash (8)

Finally, we really did need to get them clean! So I added a second tray of warm water to get off the last of the suds.

Shaving Cream Car Wash (9)

Every car was soon toweled dry and sparkly clean.

Shaving Cream Car Wash (10)


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