Box Flap Car Bridges

Box Flap Ramps (8)

Leftover flaps from Christmas packages were the perfect way to mix up Veronika’s car play today!

For set up, I simply pulled out an assortment of box flaps I’d saved, having cut the longest ones from packages we received in the run-up to the holiday. Ideally I would have liked to prop all of these flaps on top of still more cardboard boxes, but I only had one box left that was tall enough. In a pinch, chairs from our craft table could be additional supports for the ramps and brdiges.

Box Flap Ramps (1)

Anywhere I needed to attach two box flaps together, I clipped them with a clothespin. Veronika loved helping out as we set up this configuration, which turned into a neat triangle of bridges. I placed her directly in the center of all the flaps and then let a few cars loose along the ramps. She got the idea right away!

Box Flap Ramps (3)

The bridges are great for kids to experiment with, getting a little STEM lesson in the process. Anywhere they sag in a downhill, cars will roll with the force of gravity. Anywhere with an ascent, kids will have to push up.

Box Flap Ramps (4)

Veronika narrowly saved this car from disaster!

Box Flap Ramps (7)

She loved pushing cars along, zooming them down, and occasionally tossing them right off the ramps.


In addition, the “fort” itself was a delight, especially once she discovered that she could crawl under the box flaps or back in all by herself, without me needing to lift her out.

Box Flap Ramps (5)

What a super fun way to recycle boxes and fit in car play.

Box Flap Ramps (9)