Fishy Beanbag

Fishy Beanbag (4)

This little craft is great fun for a toddler to play with, and simple to make with items you likely have at home.

Fishy Beanbag (1)

Start with an old sock and fill it about three-quarters of the way with dried beans. Twist the end to make a tail, and secure with yarn or string.

Fishy Beanbag (2)

I drew on eyes, fins, and scales with a fabric marker; if you want to get a little craftier, cut out pieces of felt for these details. To make the fish mouth, poke the fabric in slightly where a mouth would be and use hot glue to secure.

Fishy Beanbag (3)

I wriggled the fish up to Veronika, and she was delighted! She loved how heavy it was, and began “swimming” it around the room. I actually wouldn’t make it quite so heavy next time, or we could have played catch with it and worked on her catching skills!

Fishy Beanbag (5)

I next showed her how to toss the fish into the laundry basket “ocean”. This was good fun but we quickly realized we needed more fish.

Fishy Beanbag (8)

Since I didn’t want to use up all the extra socks in the house, I simply balled one inside the other and knotted string at the end for a quick version, minus the decorations.

Fishy Beanbag (10)

Now she had a school of fish to play with!

Fishy Beanbag (13)

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