Kindergarten Home School Week 6: Tuesday

Home School 27 c

Well, the big news here is that Travis won’t be returning to school this year, due to Covid-19. I’m processing all the emotions that go along with this, even as I’m grateful for my family’s health. We went light on school today, since technically it is “vacation” week. So as a surprise we started with…

9-11: Movie morning! A special treat on a rainy day.

11-11.30: ELA. Travis is nearing the end of his letter workbook (T and U) and did 20 minutes on Lexia with topics like story sequencing and vocab building.

11.30-12: “Field Trip”. We took two virtual trips thanks to online videos, one near (the Great Lakes) and one far (the Borneo rainforest). I thought Travis would be interested, but I think the morning off derailed his momentum. You’ll notice he’s lying on the floor in protest.

Home School 27 a

12-1: Lunch/free play.

1-1.30: Math. Travis did 20 minutes in the online Dreambox program.

1.30-2: Cooking! We rocked out to pop music as we made popcorn.

2-2.30: Social studies. A nature craft was perfect here on the day before Earth Day.

2.30-3: Storytime. We discovered the delightful resource Circle Round, featuring stories and activities to go with them. Travis could color in a picture as he listened to a read-aloud of The Money Tree.

Home School 27 b

Beanbag Games, Two Ways

Beanbag Throw (4)

Beanbags are a classic toddler toy, with almost endless variations on how you can use them. Here are just two fun ways Veronika and I played with them today!

First, I simply placed a basket a little ways away and asked Veronika to put a beanbag into it.

Beanbag Throw (3)

Then I asked her to bring one back to me.

Beanbag Throw (1)

Of course at seventeen months old she didn’t always follow “directions,” but this can lead to endless variations on transferring beanbags in and out of the basket. Your child can throw them, or toss them, or place them gently – whatever they like best!

Beanbag Throw (2)

Then we made things sillier with a beanbag crawl. Encourage your little one to get down on all fours and put a beanbag on his or her back.

Beanbag Crawl (1)

Seeing big brother Travis model this helped her get the idea!

Beanbag Crawl (2)

Then she was off and crawling!

Beanbag Crawl (3)

Obviously it was difficult for her to balance the beanbag, but she got a big laugh out of it every time it slipped off.

Beanbag Crawl (4)

She kept asking for my help to return it to her back: “More more crawl!”

Beanbag Crawl (5)

Maybe we’ll even turn it into a racing game when she gets older. How does your child play with beanbags? Please share in the comments!


Beanbag Throw (5)

Nature Earth Craft Challenge

Nature Earth Challenge (6)

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and although we can’t celebrate with others this year, Travis and I talked today about ways we can help the Earth as a family. This month’s craft challenge from Highlights magazine – to create an Earth with items from nature – was the perfect end to the lesson!

First we needed to head outside and gather materials. I challenged Travis to think of what colors the Earth needed: blue and green of course! We looked for tall green grasses and little blue wildflowers (which were hard to find), and came home with our treasures.

Nature Earth Challenge (1)

Travis actually loved the fact that we had more green than blue. He decided our planet was more grass than water, and had so much fun with it.

Nature Earth Challenge (2)

We made a big circle of glue on poster board, and then he was able to sprinkle down handfuls of the grass, or press the blue flowers in more carefully in other parts.

Nature Earth Challenge (4)

As he worked, we read about ways to “step up for Earth” as a family.

Nature Earth Challenge (3)

Our new family goals include: saving water by having the kids bathe together, not separately; and to save on paper towels by buying reusable cloths.

Nature Earth Challenge (5)

Happy Earth Day to all! There are silver linings even in this Covid-19 era.


Nature Earth Challenge (7)