Beanbag Games, Two Ways

Beanbag Throw (4)

Beanbags are a classic toddler toy, with almost endless variations on how you can use them. Here are just two fun ways Veronika and I played with them today!

First, I simply placed a basket a little ways away and asked Veronika to put a beanbag into it.

Beanbag Throw (3)

Then I asked her to bring one back to me.

Beanbag Throw (1)

Of course at seventeen months old she didn’t always follow “directions,” but this can lead to endless variations on transferring beanbags in and out of the basket. Your child can throw them, or toss them, or place them gently – whatever they like best!

Beanbag Throw (2)

Then we made things sillier with a beanbag crawl. Encourage your little one to get down on all fours and put a beanbag on his or her back.

Beanbag Crawl (1)

Seeing big brother Travis model this helped her get the idea!

Beanbag Crawl (2)

Then she was off and crawling!

Beanbag Crawl (3)

Obviously it was difficult for her to balance the beanbag, but she got a big laugh out of it every time it slipped off.

Beanbag Crawl (4)

She kept asking for my help to return it to her back: “More more crawl!”

Beanbag Crawl (5)

Maybe we’ll even turn it into a racing game when she gets older. How does your child play with beanbags? Please share in the comments!


Beanbag Throw (5)

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