4 Ways to Use Plastic Eggs

4 Ways Eggs (2)

Now that the Easter egg hunts are done, we’re left with lots of plastic eggs! Here are four ways to put them to use before packing them away until next Easter.

First, there’s the classic plastic egg maraca. Fill an egg with a little bit of uncooked rice and secure with tape around the middle to avoid any spills.

4 Ways Eggs (1)

Then shake shake shake!

4 Ways Eggs (4)

Next we made them into an afternoon snack holder. This delighted Veronika, who found cereal puffs inside hers…

4 Ways Eggs (5)

…and Travis who wanted to fill his own (with leftover Easter candy of course).

4 Ways Eggs (6)

Then we made creatures! We got crafty with wiggle eyes and pom pom legs for “creepy crawlies” that had both kids giggling.

4 Ways Eggs (7)

You can add pipe cleaners as antennae if you have them on hand, or get really detailed with one type of bug or animal.

4 Ways Eggs (8)

Finally, have one last hunt before bed, but make it a glow-in-the-dark hunt! After dark, hide some of the eggs again for older kids with lights inside.

4 Ways Eggs alt

Mini glow sticks work well for this, as do small balloon lights.

4 Ways Eggs (9)

Travis loved discovering a few just before bed!

4 Ways Eggs (10)



Ring of Love

Ring of Love (3)

Today was a very different Easter for us, as I’m sure it was for many during Covid-19, just our family of 4 around a small table in the living room. To make it feel special for both siblings, I called everyone over before ourmeal began. We held hands and began to walk in a circle around our coffee table.

Immediately, this delighted Veronika! She no doubt loved taking us all for a “walk”, and the sight of our hands joined together. Travis felt the special nature of the moment, too, and stopped to give her a kiss.

Ring of Love (2)

As we walked around, we each shared a hope for the family: that we are happy, that we are healthy, and so forth. It was a beautiful moment, so much so I might make this a tradition!

Ring of Love (1)

You can even just have siblings join hands and spin each other around and around. Make it more of a game by having them change the way they move (walking, running, hopping), or switching directions. Either way, this one is sure to make everyone in the family feel the love.