Monster Balloon Decorating

Halloween Balloon (8)

Blow up these “monsters” to decorate the house on the eve of Halloween! The LED lights should last about 48 hours.

Halloween Balloon (1)

Travis was thrilled with the little balloon lights (you can find these at party stores). Turn one on and slip into an uninflated balloon, then blow up.

Halloween Balloon (3)

I had pre-cut a few monster features for Travis on sticky-back black craft foam. As an alternative, you can make mouths, eyes, and noses on black cardstock and use a glue stick to attach to the balloons. But we found that the sticky backing made things very easy!

Halloween Balloon (4)

Our monsters were wiggly and wobbly as we decorated them; it was ultimately easier to hold them between my legs than to tape them onto a table, which we had tried first.

Halloween Balloon (7)

The darker it gets, the more your monsters glow!

Halloween Balloon (6)

Travis loved having these creatures around to set the mood for Halloween.

Halloween Balloon (9)

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