Paper Spinner

Paper Spinner (3).JPG

This easy project will engage your baby’s senses in multiple ways! To make the fun twirling spinner, use any piece of patterned paper. Draw a large spiral and cut out along the lines; use a hole punch to make a hole in the center. Tie a string, then simply hold it up!

Paper Spinner (2)

This can be great outdoors if the wind is blowing. Indoors, give it a gentle blow to make it spin.

Paper Spinner (1)

Veronika loved looking at it from on her back…

Paper Spinner (4)

…and sitting up. Though then she was tempted to grab it, too!

Paper Spinner (5)



First Birthday Silhouette

Bday Silhouette (4)

Here is my gift to my baby girl on her first birthday, a silhouette that might not mean much now, but hopefully that she cherishes for years to come.

To start, cut a piece of patterned paper to fit a picture frame; I chose one that was 5×7 inches.

Bday Silhouette (1)

Have a photo printed that shows your baby in silhouette. You’ll probably need to orchestrate this carefully, and if needed, zoom in and enlarge so that the face fills nearly the entire photo print.┬áPlace underneath tracing paper and carefully trace the silhouette.

Bday Silhouette (2)

Cut out the tracing paper, transfer to black cardstock, and cut out the shape. Glue the cardstock onto the patterned paper and insert into the frame.

Bday Silhouette (3)

I doubted my ability to get this to come out right, but she looks adorable! What a moment in time to capture and frame.