Scarecrow Craft Challenge

Scarecrow Challenge (4)

This month’s craft challenge from Highlights was a chance for Travis to raid the recycle bin: what fun! Anything that normally might be off limits or taboo always seems to appeal to kids, it seems.

Scarecrow Challenge (1)

Travis first pulled out an empty gallon water jug. This would be perfect for the face! He proudly drew on features with a marker.

Scarecrow Challenge (2)

We found an empty brown bag that would be just the right size for the body. Crumpled newspaper worked perfectly as stuffing. I tied the handles of the bag tight to seal in the newspapers.

Scarecrow Challenge (3)

He decided that empty soda cans would make good arms and legs for our stubby little fellow. I knew waiting for regular glue to dry would frustrate him, so swooped in with the hot glue gun.

We finished by decorating the brown bag torso with marker “clothing”. This was a great chance to watch Travis’s imagination at work! What might your recycled scarecrow look like? Please share in the comments!

Scarecrow Challenge (5)


Counting Fish

Counting Fish (6)

Veronika was gifted an adorable counting fish game, which reminded me of a rhyme I used to sing for big brother Travis.

Counting Fish (4)

Both the tune and the counting elements are fun in this one, and Veronika is at a great age for counting rhymes. As we played with the fish, I sang:

One, two, three, four, five,

Once I caught a fish alive.

Six, seven eight nine, ten,

Then I let him go again.


Why did you let him go?

Because he bit my finger so.

Which finger did he bite?

This little finger on my right.

We counted out the fish one by one to the words…

Counting Fish (1)

Or practiced letting the fish go when I sang that line.

Counting Fish (3)

In sum, this is an adorable one to add to your repertoire, if you’re in need of new songs!

Counting Fish (8)

When You Do This, I Do That

You Do This, I Do (5)

Here’s a silly cause-and-effect game to play with your baby, one that had Veronika in fits of laughter.

First, I touched my nose, and then encouraged Veronika to reach out and do the same.

You Do This, I Do (4)

Whenever she beeped my nose, I stuck my tongue out. After a few repeats, she got the idea that her action “caused” my tongue to pop out. Add silly sound effects and your baby will love it!

You Do This, I Do (2)

Another fun one is to puff your cheeks up with air. I encouraged her to “unpop” my cheeks. When her hand brushed my cheek, I acted like the force made all the air come out.

You Do This, I Do (3)

Again, big giggles.

You Do This, I Do (1)

These kinds of cause-and-effect games are great for teaching your baby about the concept, plus reap lots of laughter as the reward.

You Do This, I Do (7)