Scarecrow Craft Challenge

Scarecrow Challenge (4)

This month’s craft challenge from Highlights was a chance for Travis to raid the recycle bin: what fun! Anything that normally might be off limits or taboo always seems to appeal to kids, it seems.

Scarecrow Challenge (1)

Travis first pulled out an empty gallon water jug. This would be perfect for the face! He proudly drew on features with a marker.

Scarecrow Challenge (2)

We found an empty brown bag that would be just the right size for the body. Crumpled newspaper worked perfectly as stuffing. I tied the handles of the bag tight to seal in the newspapers.

Scarecrow Challenge (3)

He decided that empty soda cans would make good arms and legs for our stubby little fellow. I knew waiting for regular glue to dry would frustrate him, so swooped in with the hot glue gun.

We finished by decorating the brown bag torso with marker “clothing”. This was a great chance to watch Travis’s imagination at work! What might your recycled scarecrow look like? Please share in the comments!

Scarecrow Challenge (5)

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