Leaf Canvas Craft Challenge

Leaf Craft Challenge (5).JPG

What was this month’s craft challenge from Highlights magazine? To use a leaf as the canvas for painting! You’ll want to use acrylic pants for the craft, which will hold up better than tempera paint.

No doubt there are fantastic artists who could create a whole miniature scene on their leaf. For my kindergartner, the project was more about the novelty of using nature as the canvas.

We found some giant leaves on a nature walk and knew those were the ones to use!

Leaf Craft Challenge (1)

At first, he painted along the lines of the leaf’s veins, which was great for reinforcing a recent science unit on trees and nutrition.

Leaf Craft Challenge (2)

Then he had fun blending colors and seeing how they mixed on the leaf.

Leaf Craft Challenge (3)

At the end, he liked making big blobs of paint.

Leaf Craft Challenge (4)

Whether your little Picasso makes something abstract, something highly detailed, or just has fun smearing paint, this was a simple and fun alternative to painting on paper.

Leaf Craft Challenge (6)

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