Unwrap (1)

Now that Veronika is old enough to understand a good surprise, this little bath time game was a big hit. It’s as simple as this: I showed her a toy, and then wrapped it up in her washcloth.

Unwrap (2)

Where did owl go?

Unwrap (3)

She eagerly grabbed at the cloth and figured out how to work her way through the layers to the owl. She looked quite pleased, although she may have enjoyed the washcloth “prize” a bit more!

Unwrap (4)

As she turned her attention to a little foam bear, I pulled that one aside and made sure she saw it go into the washcloth next.

Unwrap (6)

I wrapped him up… and she got to “unwrap” a present!

Unwrap (5).JPG

If you prefer a dry version of this game, babies love unwrapping their toys from wrapping paper or tissue paper. What’s old is instantly new again! Who says presents are just for birthdays?

Roly-Poly Pictures

Roly Poly Pictures (7).JPG

This rolling “book” is a fantastic craft to put together for your baby. It’s a toy and a book at the same time, with so many possibilities for play!

Cut out pictures from magazines that feature items your child will recognize.

Roly Poly Pictures (1)

Good candidates include animals (big brother’s Ranger Rick is full of good pictuers!), foods (apples, veggies), everyday items (watches, shoes), or holiday and seasonally themed images (like pumpkins and leaves).

Veronika loved “going through” the magazines with me!

Roly Poly Pictures (2)

I glued all of the pictures around an empty oatmeal canister. Any food box that is cylindrical would work just as well. Cover with a layer of clear contact paper to ensure your little one doesn’t rip the pictures right off.

Roly Poly Pictures (3)

At first I just showed the cylinder to Veronika to see how she would interact with it.

Roly Poly Pictures (4)

Next we played roly poly along the floor!

Roly Poly Pictures (8)

But here’s where this toy gets educational. As it came to a stop, we talked about which picture it landed on.

Roly Poly Pictures (6)

This becomes a great leaping off point to discuss colors, nouns, or little stories about the pictures. “Once upon a time there was a little cat…” The possibilities are almost endless!

Roly Poly Pictures (5)