Make a Night Sky Mobile

Night Mobile (7)

Talking about the moon and stars with Veronika prompted me to follow up with this cute mobile craft. There are two ways to make it, mine decidedly more of a hack, but it worked in a pinch!

For the easy version, I wanted to purchase a mobile frame with predrilled holes from the craft store. You’ll notice that the closest thing I could find was actually twisted in the shape of a soft pretzel, but Veronika didn’t know the difference!

With that on hand, I made a few simple night sky decorations to dangle from it. I traced a moon, star, and cloud onto cardboard.

Night Mobile (1)

Cut out the shapes and gave them a few coats of gold and silver paint. Let dry completely.

Night Mobile (2)

Once dry, hole punch the cardboard and thread from your frame with yarn or twine.

Night Mobile (3)

If you’re far craftier than me, you can instead trace your shapes onto tracing paper as templates, pin to colored felt, and cut two for each shape. Sew the felt together with a blanket stitch, leaving a hole to stuff in roving. Sew up and then attach to the mobile frame with thread.

But like I said, my baby girl didn’t mind my quick version; if anything she was entranced!

Night Mobile (5)

She loved grabbing onto the dangling pieces in the playroom.

Night Mobile (4)

For a true mobile, you’ll need to suspend it where your baby can’t reach it, not prop it up like I did.

Night Mobile (8)

Since we were just playing, I let Veronika grab at the tips of the moon and star.

Night Mobile (11)

Her expression was full of wonder at these glowing night objects.

Night Mobile (9)


Capillary Snack-tion Straw

Snack Straw (5).JPG

This straw has some serious action! After learning about how trees and plants drink their nutrients up from the soil in his latest Kiwi Crate, Travis discovered he too can sip in defiance of gravity: by slurping through a straw.

Cut a watermelon into thick slices. Use a flower-shaped cookie cutter to make a flower shape from the watermelon. Insert the “flower” onto a thick straw “stem”.

Snack Straw (1)

Give a quick blow into the straw to expel the watermelon piece inside. This earned a “whoa!” from Travis.

Snack Straw (2)

We filled a glass with lemonade – any drink will do, but lemonade is a favorite around here – and then tested it out.

Snack Straw (4)

Travis provided the power for his flower’s “roots”. What a delicious way to soak up nutrients! When the drink is finished, you can eat your “flower” of course.

Snack Straw (3)