Capillary Snack-tion Straw

Snack Straw (5).JPG

This straw has some serious action! After learning about how trees and plants drink their nutrients up from the soil in his latest Kiwi Crate, Travis discovered he too can sip in defiance of gravity: by slurping through a straw.

Cut a watermelon into thick slices. Use a flower-shaped cookie cutter to make a flower shape from the watermelon. Insert the “flower” onto a thick straw “stem”.

Snack Straw (1)

Give a quick blow into the straw to expel the watermelon piece inside. This earned a “whoa!” from Travis.

Snack Straw (2)

We filled a glass with lemonade – any drink will do, but lemonade is a favorite around here – and then tested it out.

Snack Straw (4)

Travis provided the power for his flower’s “roots”. What a delicious way to soak up nutrients! When the drink is finished, you can eat your “flower” of course.

Snack Straw (3)


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