Surface Tension Experiment

Surface Tension (8)

This is one of those experiments that Travis and I couldn’t get quite right, whoops! But we tried and had fun in the process, which is sometimes all that counts.

The science behind the activity is that water molecules hold with strong bonds, so much so that they’ll fill the holes of a mesh bag even when tipped upside-down.

First, Travis checked out our mesh bag. It sure didn’t look like it would hold water!

Surface Tension (1)

We put it over a mason jar and secured with an elastic. Fill the jar about 3/4 full with water.

Surface Tension (2)

Place an index card on top and flip over. No water leaking yet.

Surface Tension (3)

Now the idea is to remove the index card – slooowly. According to the internet, sometimes it can just fall off, which works even better. Either way, the water should hold!

However, I think because every time we slid the index card out it wiggled the mesh bag, our experiment didn’t work.

Surface Tension (4)

We tried altering several variables. Securing the elastic tighter around the mesh didn’t make things work any better, nor did using a second, smaller-mouthed glass jar.

Surface Tension (6)

But you’ll notice from the giggles hat Travis wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. In fact, I think he liked the experiment better with the mess!

Surface Tension (7)

Did you get your water to hold? Please share in the comments!

Spoons and Cups in the Tub

Spoon Cup Tub (1)

I used to avoid giving Veronika anything resembling a cup at bathtime, because she lifted everything to her mouth and that meant a mouthful of soapy bath water (yuck!).

Now that she’s not mouthing everything automatically, these simple items make for fantastic tub time. I recently wanted her to have an extra long bath (to help soothe a slight sniffle; hello back-to-school season), and these kept her occupied for so long.

After she played for a while in her own way, I showed her how to stir. She really did try to imitate the motion!

Spoon Cup Tub (3)

Likewise, you can show your baby the idea of water transfer, whether from cup to cup, or from the measuring spoons into a cup.

Spoon Cup Tub (4)

She also tried stacking them, tapping them together, and swishing them around in the water. And she came out from the bath a little less sniffly!

Spoon Cup Tub (2)

It’s a Goal!

Its a Goal (5)

For some fun sport today, Veronika and I played her first round of soccer!

Lie a box on its side and present your baby with a selection of balls. Veronika was excited when she saw a growing pile of mini soccer balls, baby sensory balls, and other favorite toys.

Its a Goal (1)

rolled one toward the box, and as it rolled in I said a very excited, “It’s a goal!” Channel your inner futbol announcer for this!

Its a Goal (2)

She picked up on the excitement immediately. Her expression demanded a repeat.

Its a Goal (6)

Then I encouraged her to make the goal.

Its a Goal (4)

Even if her ball was close but not quite in, I repeated the excited, “It’s a goal!”

Its a Goal (7)

She looked so proud of herself.

Its a Goal (8)

This led to lots of further ball play in her own way, tapping them together, holding several at once, or following them around the room.

Its a Goal (9)

A great morning of sport, in sum.

Its a Goal (3)

Telephone Talk

Telephone Talk (5)

If one telephone is fun, then two telephones are twice as fun!

Smartphones are like catnip for babies, Veronika included, which is why I deliberately avoid my phone except for necessary calls. A far safer alternative is to buy baby a toy cell phone. We happen to have two versions of the same phone, which makes for perfect games of “phone call”.

Today I sat down with her and pretended to dial.

Telephone Talk (3)

I handed her the other phone and began a conversation. “What should we do today?”

Telephone Talk (2)

Wait for your baby to babble back, which will help encourage the idea of a two-way conversation. Oh my goodness, she looks too much like a teenager already!

Telephone Talk (4)

Then it was her turn to dial me!

Telephone Talk (6)

This kind of make-believe play might seem advanced for a 10 month old, but it’s exactly through such modeling that Veronika is learning about the world. Nice chatting with you!