Telephone Talk

Telephone Talk (5)

If one telephone is fun, then two telephones are twice as fun!

Smartphones are like catnip for babies, Veronika included, which is why I deliberately avoid my phone except for necessary calls. A far safer alternative is to buy baby a toy cell phone. We happen to have two versions of the same phone, which makes for perfect games of “phone call”.

Today I sat down with her and pretended to dial.

Telephone Talk (3)

I handed her the other phone and began a conversation. “What should we do today?”

Telephone Talk (2)

Wait for your baby to babble back, which will help encourage the idea of a two-way conversation. Oh my goodness, she looks too much like a teenager already!

Telephone Talk (4)

Then it was her turn to dial me!

Telephone Talk (6)

This kind of make-believe play might seem advanced for a 10 month old, but it’s exactly through such modeling that Veronika is learning about the world. Nice chatting with you!



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