It’s a Goal!

Its a Goal (5)

For some fun sport today, Veronika and I played her first round of soccer!

Lie a box on its side and present your baby with a selection of balls. Veronika was excited when she saw a growing pile of mini soccer balls, baby sensory balls, and other favorite toys.

Its a Goal (1)

rolled one toward the box, and as it rolled in I said a very excited, “It’s a goal!” Channel your inner futbol announcer for this!

Its a Goal (2)

She picked up on the excitement immediately. Her expression demanded a repeat.

Its a Goal (6)

Then I encouraged her to make the goal.

Its a Goal (4)

Even if her ball was close but not quite in, I repeated the excited, “It’s a goal!”

Its a Goal (7)

She looked so proud of herself.

Its a Goal (8)

This led to lots of further ball play in her own way, tapping them together, holding several at once, or following them around the room.

Its a Goal (9)

A great morning of sport, in sum.

Its a Goal (3)


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