Light Chaser

Light Chaser (2)

Here’s a final cute game I’ve found to play with Veronika using a flashlight, just before bed.

After her bath tonight, I simple shined a flashlight on the floor. Veronika was instantly intrigued with the spot of light on the floor.

Light Chaser (1)

Now drag the flashlight in a line or zig zag around the room. This game will be great for encouraging early crawlers, plus amusing for any already-fast crawlers! I shined the light in a path along the floor, and Veronika had to go chase it.

Light Chaser (3)

Almost there…

Light Chaser (4)

Caught ya! Babies will marvel that they are touchign the light but not feeling anything in their hands. The game is also a great way to engage older siblings in baby’s bedtime. Travis loved running the light around the room for her, admittedly sometimes too fast.

Light Chaser (5)

Create a Photo Scrapbook

Photo Scrapbook (11).JPG

Veronika is old enough now that she definitely has favorite places to go in our week together, especially as we settle into a routine while big brother is at school.

Some top picks? The library, the coffee shop, her music class, the playground, and toddler play time. Throughout the week, I snapped pictures of Veronika as we were out and about. Here’s music about to begin!

Photo Scrapbook (1)

I also added a few pictures from home, places like her high chair and crib.

Photo Scrapbook (10)

You can use a digital camera and have the pictures printed, but I love the charm of our instant camera.

Photo Scrapbook (3)

Arrange the photos in a little album or scrapbook, ideally small enough for your child to manipulate the pages.

Photo Scrapbook (8)

Veronika and I can go through and “read” about her week, or talk what we’ll be doing that day.

Photo Scrapbook (9)

Because she has no baby book chronicling her first year (second child syndrome!), I made the pictures special with the addition of scrapbook-quality stickers: look for sheets of stickers with playground themes, nursery room themes, music class themes, and other applicable subjects. These will hopefully make it special to flip through as she gets older.

Photo Scrapbook (12)

Another hope is that she can learn to point to where she wants to go, easing frustration for both parent and child in those awkward months between understanding language and the spoken word. In the meantime, she loves simply looking through her little book!