Flashing Colors

Flashing Colors (6).JPG

Most often I carve out time to play learning games with Veronika during the day, but there are also unique opportunities for games at night. Namely, flashlight games!  This one is fun for getting your little one interested in colors, and works better the darker it gets.

Set out a variety of play scarves in different colors, and take turns shining a flashlight on them. As you do so, name the color.

Flashing Colors (1)

Veronika loved watching the light move from scarf to scarf,

Flashing Colors (4)

…and wanted a chance to hold the flashlight too, of course!

Flashing Colors (2)

Once it’s very dark, hold the flashlight right up to a scarf and shine against the wall; you’ll see the colors reflected back, a beautiful effect.

Flashing Colors (5)

Big brother loved helping out as flashlight holder, which makes this a great way to involve older siblings in a little one’s bedtime routine.

Flashing Colors (3).JPG

What games do you play with your baby after dark? Please share in the comments!


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