Bonding with Family

Bond with Family (2)

Chances are, you want your baby to be close to family members: to recognize them and feel comfortable with them. But this can be hard, especially if visits with loved ones occur only on hectic holidays or when relatives live far away. One solution I’ve found is the weekend vacation, particularly when accommodations are shared!

Gone are the days when families bunk down in separate hotel rooms A joint rental like an Airbnb can mean multiple cousins and generations spend significant portions of time together. Magic happens around the breakfast table, early wake-ups, late night giggles, and more; it can be the ideal way for a new baby to truly know relatives.

To wit, Veronika had a blast on a recent long weekend with family. She got to spend not just a few hours, but three full days with cousins, ranging from her age…

Bond with Family (1)

…to bigger!

Bond with Family (5)

Aunties and grandparents get to hold her long enough that she know longer feels “stranger danger” in their arms.

Bonding with Family (10)

Big smiles abound, and meals are shared.

Bond with Family (7)

If you can’t swing a full weekend with family, consider at least a barbecue or special event that spans a day or afternoon.

Bonding with Family (11)

The quality time will allow a baby to understand that these relatives’ faces are the important ones in his or her life.

Bond with Family (4)

Veronika sure seems to get it!

Bond with Family (8)


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