I Spot

I Spot (3)

Recently I played a fun game with Veronika just before bed flashing colors through scarves. Tonight, we put the flashlight to a different use!

Simply walk around and shine the light on various objects in your child’s room (or elsewhere in the house). For each item, say in a soft voice, “I spot a…”

I spot the light switch.

I Spot (5)

I spot a treasure box.

I Spot (1)

And so on. Sometimes, Veronika wanted to hold the flashlight and help. I spot a clock.

I Spot (2)

Sometimes she wanted to reach out and touch, and sometimes just look. I spot an apple.

I Spot (4)

This can easily become a cherished routine; if you repeat items nightly, it will reinforce the names of familiar and treasured items, and can also help lull your baby. Veronika loves it!

I Spot (6)


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