Sleepy Stretches

Sleepy Stretches (6)

Uh oh, Veronika is reaching that age where babies begin to resist naps; the world is just so much fun, mom, why would I sleep, she seems to say until I conk her out in a car ride.

But car rides aren’t always practical or feasible, and having a little routine like this poem can become a cue for baby that it’s time to rest. I sat with Veronika and first acted out this poem:

Stretch up high, as high as a tree (reach arms above head).

Curl up as small as a bumble bee (curl up with arms wrapped around knees).

Now we’re feeling very sleepy (yawn!).

Relax your hands, relax your feet (go limp).

Now close your eyes and go fast asleep (rest cheek on hands).

Then I lay her down and helped her act through the motions.

Sleepy Stretches (2)

She seemed to get the idea that we were relaxing her body.

Sleepy Stretches (3)

At bedtime, we repeated the routine. This time, big brother helped act out the movements, and Veronika did her first deliberate reach up high!

Sleepy Stretches (5)

This might not have settled her down, but it certainly was a milestone. The kids are looking a little sleepy…

Sleepy Stretches (7)

What’s your go-to bedtime routine? Please share in the comments!


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