Beat to the Rhythm

Beat to Rhythm (4)

No doubt you’ve pulled out pots and pans and Tupperware for your baby already, and discovered that it’s a fantastic way to keep little ones occupied in the kitchen. And while a free-for-all jam session is fun, don’t discount introducing real rhythms at this young an age; kids pick up on it much earlier than you think.

So today, I sat down with Veronika and first we simply banged on our saucepan “drum.” But then I showed her one beat with my hand.

Beat to Rhythm (2)

She banged her hand a few times, but I repeated until she, too, was doing one solitary beat.

Beat to Rhythm (3)

It may have been coincidence, but this worked when I moved up to two beats as well. If I tried for three, it became a free for all of tapping and banging.

Beat to Rhythm (6)

We also tried the game with a spoon, first one beat, then working up to two and three.

Beat to Rhythm (1)

Again, don’t expect your baby to be a maestro, but you’re introducing the idea of beats and rhythms, and your little one gets to have a blast! Big brother wanted to be a demonstrator, too, and loved making one beat with his hand and watching her copy.

Beat to Rhythm (5)

Needless to say, the spoon and pot entertained her so thoroughly that I was able to clean the kitchen undisturbed!


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