Rearrange Your Kitchen Cupboards

Rearrange Cupboard (5).JPG

If you’re having trouble making meals (or cleaning up after them) with a baby around, then it’s time to rearrange one of your cupboards!

When Travis was little, I used to keep an entire bin full of Tupperware and other safe items (small loaf pans, spatulas, various gadgets) that I could pull out for him.  Today I made a simplified version of that for Veronika, clearing out one cabinet and filling it with our motley collection of food containers.

Rearrange Cupboard (1)

She was thrilled! You could just tell she was so proud that she got to rifle through mommy’s kitchen.

Rearrange Cupboard (4)

There was immediately lots of reaching, bouncing (which is how you know she’s happy), and tapping the items against the cabinet.

Rearrange Cupboard (7)

This is also a quick opportunity to use language about putting things in and taking things out.

Rearrange Cupboard (5)

She gazed at me as if to say, “Mom, I’m helping out in the kitchen today!”

Rearrange Cupboard (8)

Don’t be surprised if big siblings want to join in (although Travis preferred metal items to plastic ones).

Rearrange Cupboard (9)

I also filled a small cardboard box with a few items for her to scoop up, including pom poms and soft balls.

Rearrange Cupboard (11)

This little busy box added fun variety.

Rearrange Cupboard (12)

In sum, having a child-safe cabinet will keep your whole crew busy while you cook!

Rearrange Cupboard (10)


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