You Did It!

You Did It (1)

Veronika loves clapping these days, especially now that she’s figured out not just the mechanics, but how to make a loud clapping sound. So today, I gave her a few tasks we could celebrate with a hearty cheer of “you did it!” and some clapping.

First up: making a rabbit pop up from a jack-in-the-box. I let Veronika turn the handle (giving a little assistance until there were only one or two rotations left).

You Did It (2)

Pop! She looked so surprised and pleased. “You did it!” I said with a big smile, and clapped. She instantly had to clap along of course.

You Did It (3)

Next we rolled a ball down an inclined piece of cardboard. I showed her how to hold the ball, place it at the top…

You Did It (5)

…and then let it go. And of course every roll got more clapping and cheers.

You Did It (4)

Another fun one for babies this age? Simply ringing the doorbell.

You Did It (6)

What other cause-and-effect games do you and your baby enjoy? Please share in the comments!

Bottle-Top Mobile

Bottle Top Mobile (6)

I recently recommended a Tupperware cupboard to keep your baby busy while you’re busy in the kitchen. Here’s another DIY toy you can make that will entertain your little one for quite some time.

Collect plastic bottle lids for about a week, and then make a hole in each one. The awl tool of a Swiss army knife did the job easily; lay a piece of cardboard underneath the bottle caps so the awl doesn’t damage any surface on the other side.

Bottle Top Mobile (1)

Thread the caps along twine or string.

Bottle Top Mobile (2)

Tie the “mobile” between two legs of a table, at about your baby’s chest level.

Bottle Top Mobile (3)

Veronika was so intrigued with this toy! She twirled the beads on the string first.

Bottle Top Mobile (4)

Next I showed her how to scoot them along the string from side to side.

Bottle Top Mobile (5)

Note: She also just loved the string itself, giving it tugs and boings, but supervise carefully if you find that your child is playing more with string than with the bottle caps. One way or another, this certainly entertained her.

Gummy Ocean Vacation

Gummy Ocean (6).JPG

This snack idea from Highlights magazine is pure summertime fun! We adapted it slightly for our vegan family, and Travis loved the results.

Prepare 1 package of orange-flavored vegan jel dessert (such as Simply Delish) according to package directions. Pour a layer into clear glasses and chill for at least 1 hour, until firm. This will be your beach “sand”.

Gummy Ocean (1)

Prepare 1 package of clear vegan jel dessert according to package directions. Add drops of blue food coloring a few at a time until desired color is reached.

Gummy Ocean (2)

Cool slightly, then pour a layer over the orange dessert. Let chill and set for at least 1 hour.

Gummy Ocean (3)

Now for the real fun! Top your “ocean” with a little swimmer. We used peach gummy rings from Smart Sweets as life preservers and vegan gummy bears from Whole Foods.

Gummy Ocean (4)

Travis absolutely adored watching his bear go for a swim.

Gummy Ocean (7)

These were arguably more fun to play with than to eat… but good for eating, too!

Gummy Ocean (5)