You Did It!

You Did It (1)

Veronika loves clapping these days, especially now that she’s figured out not just the mechanics, but how to make a loud clapping sound. So today, I gave her a few tasks we could celebrate with a hearty cheer of “you did it!” and some clapping.

First up: making a rabbit pop up from a jack-in-the-box. I let Veronika turn the handle (giving a little assistance until there were only one or two rotations left).

You Did It (2)

Pop! She looked so surprised and pleased. “You did it!” I said with a big smile, and clapped. She instantly had to clap along of course.

You Did It (3)

Next we rolled a ball down an inclined piece of cardboard. I showed her how to hold the ball, place it at the top…

You Did It (5)

…and then let it go. And of course every roll got more clapping and cheers.

You Did It (4)

Another fun one for babies this age? Simply ringing the doorbell.

You Did It (6)

What other cause-and-effect games do you and your baby enjoy? Please share in the comments!


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