You Did It!

You Did It (1)

Veronika loves clapping these days, especially now that she’s figured out not just the mechanics, but how to make a loud clapping sound. So today, I gave her a few tasks we could celebrate with a hearty cheer of “you did it!” and some clapping.

First up: making a rabbit pop up from a jack-in-the-box. I let Veronika turn the handle (giving a little assistance until there were only one or two rotations left).

You Did It (2)

Pop! She looked so surprised and pleased. “You did it!” I said with a big smile, and clapped. She instantly had to clap along of course.

You Did It (3)

Next we rolled a ball down an inclined piece of cardboard. I showed her how to hold the ball, place it at the top…

You Did It (5)

…and then let it go. And of course every roll got more clapping and cheers.

You Did It (4)

Another fun one for babies this age? Simply ringing the doorbell.

You Did It (6)

What other cause-and-effect games do you and your baby enjoy? Please share in the comments!

Clapping Songs

Clapping Songs (5).JPG

Veronika is nearly 8 months old and just yesterday she started… clapping! I was so excited about this milestone, so to encourage the action again today, big brother and I sat down to sing a few clapping songs with her.

First we sang “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” She sure was happy, but it didn’t inspire her to repeat the gesture from the day before.

Clapping Songs (1)

Next up was “Patty Cake”, an old favorite. Again, she smiled but just listened.

Then we sang this silly, sort of tuneless ditty:

Clap, clap, clap your hands

Clap along with me

Clap, clap, clap your hands

Until it’s time for tea.

Well this got her clapping! She was so quick with her movements that my camera only ever captured the hands clasped, not the full motion. But she was doing it!

Clapping Songs (4)

(Note: Repeat this ditty with “stomp your feet”, or “pat your knees” to encourage the next milestone movement).

Veronika also loves to clap hands after knocking down block towers, so Travis and I were happy to oblige.

Clapping Songs (6)

You can even see a quick clip of it about 4 seconds into this video.

When did your little one start clapping? Please share in the comments about this fun milestone.

Ready to Clap

Ready to Clap (2)

Following up on Patty Cake, today Veronika and I played another game to prep her for clapping. This time, she automatically tried to clap one of my hands between her two, almost as if it were a toy. This is a great first step towards bringing her own two hands together.

To make clapping fun, we put it to music of course – this time it was If You’re Happy and You Know It, concentrating on the first verse. 

I alternated clapping my own hands…

Ready to Clap (1)

…bringing her two hands together in an imitation clap..

Ready to Clap (3)

…letting her clap one of my hands between her two.

Ready to Clap (4)

…and even modeling on a teddy bear!

Ready to Clap (7)

We did then move on to the other verses, but only briefly. Get those baby toes tapping.

Ready to Clap (5).JPG

And those arms up for “hoorays”!

Ready to Clap (6)

This might be a fun activity to involve big siblings, too, who can help out with the motions.

Finally, a cute video never hurts. We love this version from Little Baby Bum. We’ll certainly have something to clap about soon when Veronika does her first real one!