Ready to Clap

Ready to Clap (2)

Following up on Patty Cake, today Veronika and I played another game to prep her for clapping. This time, she automatically tried to clap one of my hands between her two, almost as if it were a toy. This is a great first step towards bringing her own two hands together.

To make clapping fun, we put it to music of course – this time it was If You’re Happy and You Know It, concentrating on the first verse. 

I alternated clapping my own hands…

Ready to Clap (1)

…bringing her two hands together in an imitation clap..

Ready to Clap (3)

…letting her clap one of my hands between her two.

Ready to Clap (4)

…and even modeling on a teddy bear!

Ready to Clap (7)

We did then move on to the other verses, but only briefly. Get those baby toes tapping.

Ready to Clap (5).JPG

And those arms up for “hoorays”!

Ready to Clap (6)

This might be a fun activity to involve big siblings, too, who can help out with the motions.

Finally, a cute video never hurts. We love this version from Little Baby Bum. We’ll certainly have something to clap about soon when Veronika does her first real one!


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