Wooden Block Towers

Wooden Blocks (2)

Veronika has played with foam blocks in the past; she loves their texture and shape, and I love that I don’t have to worry about injuries with such a soft toy. But a 7-month-old baby can play with wooden blocks, too; you just need to use a little more caution and care.

Because of their sharp edges, I don’t recommend letting your baby have unsupervised play with wooden blocks at this age. Instead, pick a time for this activity and make sure you are sitting right next to baby the whole time.

Wooden Blocks (1)

Veronika received a beautiful set of painted blocks as a gift at birth, and this was the first time I presented them to her.

Wooden Blocks (6)

First she simply enjoyed reaching for them in the box.

Wooden Blocks (8)

Next, I set them out for her. The blocks immediately felt good in her hands.

Wooden Blocks (7)

And make excellent teethers.

Wooden Blocks (5)

Then came the real fun: knocking down towers!

Wooden Blocks (3)

As with soft block towers, Veronika can’t resist knocking them over as soon as she sees them. The difference is that I kept the height lower and made sure they were angled away from her so no sharp edges came tumbling her way.

Wooden Blocks (4)

She loves it every time they go boom – and even started a motion that I think might count as her first clap! Block towers are such a simple but effective way to teach a baby about cause-and-effect, and it was a delight to watch her play.

When we were done, I packed the wooden blocks away until next time.


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