Hands Day

Hands Day (4)

One fun exercise to do with your baby is to pick a body part and devote the day to it. So today, it was all about hands for me and Veronika!

To start, I sang nursery rhymes that prominently feature hands. Examples include¬†Where is Thumbkin or If You’re Happy and You Know It.

Hands Day (1)

For the latter, I changed the words so all the versus applied to hands: if you’re happy wiggle your fingers; shake your hands; etc.

Hands Day (3)

Next we read books that featured hands. There are lots of great body parts books for babies, so turn to the relevant pages and focus on those.

Hands Day (7)

I pointed to the hands of the people in the illustrations.

Hands Day (5)

I also pointed out hands throughout the day. Mommy is cooking with her hands. Mommy is writing with her hands.

Hands Day (2)

If you have paintings around the house with hands, show baby those, too!

Hands Day (8)


Sidewalk Constellations and Mini-Books

Sidewalk Constellation(5).JPG

It was a beautiful morning for sidewalk chalk art, and to add purpose to Travis’s art, I decided to throw in a little STEM learning, too!

We headed outside with our book of constellations, and I challenged him to lay out shells (rocks would work well, too) to represent each star in the pictures. We started with the Big Dipper.

Sidewalk Constellation (6)

Could he now connect the lines, following along with the picture in our book? This was a bit of a challenge for Travis, who had to consult the picture between each line, but he ended up with a great dipper.

Sidewalk Constellation (7)

The Southern Cross was next. He loved using big shells for two of the stars, and had an a-ha moment when he figured out which way he should draw his chalk lines.

Sidewalk Constellation (8)

Then we got silly and made up new constellations. I let his imagination run wild, and soon we had a snake constellation:

Sidewalk Constellation (1)

And a ninja constellation:

Sidewalk Constellation (9)

Make sure you take pictures of all your artwork before you head inside! I then had these printed so we could put them into a booklet.

Sidewalk Constellation(3)

Add one picture per page, along with a fact or two about that constellation.

Sidewalk Constellation (b)

We left a page blank, for future imaginative additions!

Sidewalk Constellation (c)

These mini-books will serve both as a memory capsule of your day and for storytime down the road.

Sidewalk Constellation (d)

Try a Hike with a Carrier

Try Carrier (7).JPG

Today was hiking day for Veronika!

A baby carrier is such a great investment for experiences like these; whether the one you choose is worn on the front or the back, and whether it has baby tummy-facing or facing out, I highly encourage a hike. There is so much for your baby to learn about in nature!

Although Veronika has had plenty of moments in the carrier, today we made a big event of a family walk in the woods. Big brother Travis loved heading off on the adventure!

Try Carrier (5)

Stop to point out marvels of nature, like the face in this tree.

Try Carrier (6)

Or the dappled sunlight on these roots.

Try Carrier (8)

We spotted lots of little chipmunks and she loved watching them scurry.

Eventually the motion did lull her to sleep, and this will likely happen to your baby on a hike too… And that’s not a bad thing! Let baby nap while you take in the calm of nature. Once she was up about forty-five minutes later, her big eyes drank in the surroundings.

Try Carrier (3)

What an adventure!

Try Carrier (1)

Where have you taken your baby in a carrier? Please share in the comments!