Try a Hike with a Carrier

Try Carrier (7).JPG

Today was hiking day for Veronika!

A baby carrier is such a great investment for experiences like these; whether the one you choose is worn on the front or the back, and whether it has baby tummy-facing or facing out, I highly encourage a hike. There is so much for your baby to learn about in nature!

Although Veronika has had plenty of moments in the carrier, today we made a big event of a family walk in the woods. Big brother Travis loved heading off on the adventure!

Try Carrier (5)

Stop to point out marvels of nature, like the face in this tree.

Try Carrier (6)

Or the dappled sunlight on these roots.

Try Carrier (8)

We spotted lots of little chipmunks and she loved watching them scurry.

Eventually the motion did lull her to sleep, and this will likely happen to your baby on a hike too… And that’s not a bad thing! Let baby nap while you take in the calm of nature. Once she was up about forty-five minutes later, her big eyes drank in the surroundings.

Try Carrier (3)

What an adventure!

Try Carrier (1)

Where have you taken your baby in a carrier? Please share in the comments!

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