Cotton Ball C

Chalk c (4)

Today Travis practiced tracing C – an easy one! – but after the tracing, I challenged his dexterity to form a C in three ways.

First, have your child cup their hand (make sure to use the left) to form the letter. Travis had to think hard about this, but was so proud when he got it right!

Chalk c (1)

Next we headed outside to draw c’s with chalk. This was a great chance to make sure his form was correct, since there was no line for him to trace outdoors!

Chalk c (2)

I noticed that his C’s were a little short, and encouraged him to extend the line for a curvier final result.

Chalk c (3)

Finally, back inside, I drew a C for him on construction paper and we filled it with cotton balls.

Chalk c (5)

Travis wanted to do his own glue, following perfectly along the line I’d drawn.

Chalk c (6)

And he was completely in charge of placing each cotton ball, too! Again, what a difference in dexterity and patience.

Chalk c (7)


Button B

Button b (6)

Today’s summer letter of the day was B! After tracing, I helped Travis draw two very careful Bs using white crayon on black paper (a fun chance to use white, sadly always the most underutilized crayon in the box).

Button b (2)

Travis made dots of glue on each B, and filled the upper case with buttons

Button b (3)

…and the lower case with breakfast cereal.

Button b (5)

He was so careful applying each piece along the lines; I sat back and marveled at how his fine motor skills (and patience!) have changed over the course of pre-k.

Button b (4)

Even better, he enjoyed the button art so much that he asked for a second piece of paper and a glue stick to continue the fun once our Bs were complete – what could be better than that? If you don’t have buttons, beads would also work great for this project.

Button b (7)