Button B

Button b (6)

Today’s summer letter of the day was B! After tracing, I helped Travis draw two very careful Bs using white crayon on black paper (a fun chance to use white, sadly always the most underutilized crayon in the box).

Button b (2)

Travis made dots of glue on each B, and filled the upper case with buttons

Button b (3)

…and the lower case with breakfast cereal.

Button b (5)

He was so careful applying each piece along the lines; I sat back and marveled at how his fine motor skills (and patience!) have changed over the course of pre-k.

Button b (4)

Even better, he enjoyed the button art so much that he asked for a second piece of paper and a glue stick to continue the fun once our Bs were complete – what could be better than that? If you don’t have buttons, beads would also work great for this project.

Button b (7)

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