Fabric + Wipes Container

Fabric Scraps (10).JPG

Veronika and I have played with fabric before as a texture sensory activity. Today, we played with fabric again but it was less about texture and more about the fun of putting in and pulling out!

An empty diaper wipe container is the ideal container for this game. It’s deep, but small enough for little hands. And the pop-up lid is perfect! In fact, before we introduced fabric into the game, Veronika just wanted to check out the box and pop the lid open and closed!

Fabric Scraps (1)

Next, I filled it with a variety of fabric scraps from our craft bin. I had some eye-catching patterns like bright green and little foxes, which provided visual stimulation.

Fabric Scraps (2)

A loosely-woven burlap and a few silky scarves provided textural variety. Old washcloths would work well, too!

Fabric Scraps (4)

Fill up the container and simply let your little one pull out the scraps.

Fabric Scraps (5)

What fun!

Fabric Scraps (6)

Then I made it more challenging, putting on the lid so she could pull the scraps up through the opening.

Fabric Scraps (7)

This was a little tough for her fingers at seven months old, but this is the kind of game we’ll revisit; it will be toddler heaven!

When she tired of the fabric, she went back to the box.

Fabric Scraps (8)

Playing with it lasted the whole time I made dinner – the perfect way to self entertain!

Fabric Scraps (9)